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23 Oct 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Operational Results for 2Q and 1H FY2020/21, Diversified Channels and Improved Product Management Brings Growth Momentum
31 Jul 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Sale of Kappa Japan to the Italian Company BasicNet, Focuses on Business Development in China Continues to Implement the Multi-brand Strategy
17 Jul 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Operational Results for FY2020/21 Q1, Offline Retail Performance Starts Picking Up, E-commerce Sales Continues to Grow
17 Jun 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Annual Results FY2019/2020, Revenue Increases 12.6% to RMB1.84 Billion, Gradual Results Delivered from Operational Reforms, Optimises Sales Channel Mix
17 Apr 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Operational Results for Q4 and Twelve Months of FY2019/20, Reform of Direct-franchise Model Achieves Initial Success, Core Team Optimisation Continues
21 Feb 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Latest Operational Updates, Fully Support in Fighting Against the Novel Coronavirus, Accelerate Online Business Development
29 Jan 2020 Work as One to Overcome the Difficulties, China Dongxiang Donated RMB3 Million to China Charity Federation With Its Brands Kappa and Phenix Set Up RMB3 million Special Fund to Help Prevent and Control the Novel Coronavirus
17 Jan 2020 China Dongxiang Announces Operational Results for Q3 and the First Nine Months of FY2019/20, Accumulated Retail Performance Recorded Sustained Growth, Implementation of Direct-franchise Operation Model Achieved Initial Success


13 Dec 2010 China Dongxiang Received "The Excellence of Listed Enterprise Award 2010" by Capital Weekly
10 Dec 2010 China Dongxiang Appoints Mr. Hon Ping Cho, Terence as CFO
23 Nov 2010 China Dongxiang Appoints New CEO and Executive Director
23 Nov 2010 China Dongxiang Announces 2Q2011 Sales Fair Results, Order book value grew by 2.8% year-on-year
17 Nov 2010 Kappa Online Flagship Store Achieved Record-Breaking, Single-Day Sales of over RMB10 Million, Daily Visitor Traffic Reached 1.48 Million
18 Oct 2010 China Dongxiang Announces 3Q2010 Retail Same Store Sales Performance
06 Sep 2010 China Dongxiang's 2009 Annual Report Honored Awards at International ARC Awards
25 Aug 2010 China Dongxiang posts solid and sustainable growth in 1H2010. Net profit rose 8.9% to 786.0 million. Gross profit margin increased to an impressive 62.6%
29 Jul 2010 Michael Michalsky X Kappa P-A.C Series Officially Launched, Initiating a free lifestyle of high fashion and personalised comfort
23 Jul 2010 China Dongxiang Announces 2Q2010 Retail Same Store Sales Performance
27 May 2010 China Dongxiang 4Q2010 trade fair achieves strong sustainable growth, Order book growth roses 22.9% year-on-year
24 May 2010 RDK's Brand Promotion Campaign Launched
19 May 2010 The First Kappa TV Commercial broadcasted in CCTV National Sports Channel
21 Apr 2010 China Dongxiang Donates Relief Materials Worth RMB6,000,000 to Victims of Qinghai Earthquake
09 Apr 2010 China Dongxiang Announces 1Q2010 Retail Same Store Sales Performance
24 Mar 2010 China Dongxiang 2009 Annual Results Beats Market Expectation, Sales Grew by 19.5% to RMB3,970.4 million, Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Surges 19.5% to RMB1,459.5 million
24 Mar 2010 China Dongxiang Achieves Robust Growth in 3Q2010 Sales Fair Order book grew by 22% year-on-year
04 Mar 2010 China Dongxiang Opens the First RDK Store in China
24 Feb 2010 Norwegian National Team Wears Kappa and Phenix Sportswear in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
12 Jan 2010 China Dongxiang Announces 4Q2009 Retail Same Store Sales Performance
07 Jan 2010 China Dongxiang Launches New National Brand Marketing Campaign, To Define New Brand Values "We Are One" for Kappa


16 Nov 2009 China Dongxiang delivers robust 22% yoy order book growth for 2Q 2010 sales fair
12 Nov 2009 China Dongxiang 2Q2010 Sales Fair Visit Successfully Held in Beijing
11 Nov 2009 Kappa Launches the New Slogan "We Are One"
21 Oct 2009 Kappa Successfully launches 09 Ski Product and Forms Strategic Partnership with CSA to Promote Skiing Sport in China
13 Oct 2009 China Dongxiang Announces 3Q2009 Retail Same Store Sales Performance
30 Sep 2009 New RDK brand under China Dongxiang receives overwhelming response at 2010 Spring & Summer Product Showcase and Sales Fair
17 Sep 2009 China Dongxiang Honored at "Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion" For Two Consecutive Years
09 Sep 2009 China Dongxiang Delivers Remarkable 2009 Interim Results , Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Surges 41.3% to RMB722 million
26 Aug 2009 Kappa GOLF Appointed Official Partner of the HSBC Champions Event
20 Aug 2009 Kappa and form strategic alliance, The first Kappa online flagship store opens in September 2009
12 Aug 2009 Kappa GOLF Stars Back-to-Back to Boast Trendy Lifestyle 2009 Kappa Cup Stars Golf Tournament and Kappa Golf Product Launch Press Conference
23 Jul 2009 China Dongxiang fosters cooperation with ex-Adidas chief designer Michael Michalsky, Plans to launch new collection of fashion sportswear exclusively at Kappa stores in 3Q2010
23 Jul 2009 Super Stars Lighten up Beijing City, Kappa OMINI 40th Anniversary Party Achieved Great Success
21 May 2009 China Dongxiang 2009 Q4 Sales Fair Received Encouraging Response, Order Book Value Achieved 21% Year-on-year Growth
13 Apr 2009 China Dongxiang Announced Retail Same-store Sales Growth for 1st Quarter of 2009
25 Mar 2009 China Dongxiang Delivers Spectacular 2008 Annual Results, Sales Climbed 94.2% to RMB3,322.2 Million, Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Up by 86.4% to RMB1,367.7 Million
16 Mar 2009 China Dongxiang Enters into Cooperation with Norwegian Olympic Committee as the Official Partner for Provision of Sportswear
25 Feb 2009 Kappa Joins Hands with Huayi Brothers
13 Jan 2009 Mr. CHEN Yihong Awarded the"2008 Stylish and Successful Leader" by Bazaar Man's
06 Jan 2009 Kappa "NOW Sports" Concert Thrills Beijing


14 Nov 2008 China Dongxiang to Become a Constituent Stock of MSCI China Index
13 Nov 2008 China Dongxiang Reports Strong Sales Order Growth of 31% during 2Q2009 Trade Fair
25 Oct 2008 China Dongxiang Awarded "Best Business Model 2008"
17 Oct 2008 China Dongxiang Earns Prestigious "Pioneer of China Livelihood 2008" Award
10 Sep 2008 China Dongxiang Posts Strong 2008 Interim Results, Sales and Net Profit Surge by 81.7% and 95.6% Respectively
22 Jul 2008 Chairman and CEO Increase Stakes in China Dongxiang, Signs Management's Confidence in the Company
21 Jul 2008 Acquisition of Interests by Directors
17 Jul 2008 Investor Shop Visit in Beijing and Tianjing
03 Jul 2008 Investor Conference Call Playback
24 May 2008 China Dongxiang's Chairman Mr. Chen Yihong Passed Care and Blessings to Sichuan's Victims via Olympic Torch Relay in Shanghai
16 May 2008 China Dongxiang Expresses Care and Warmth, Donations Amounting RMB15M for Sichuan Disaster Area
30 Apr 2008 China Dongxiang Pioneers in Co-branding with Automobile Brand "Peugeot Citroën", Enhances Brand Image through Injecting Sports Fashion Concept
25 Apr 2008 China Dongxiang Announces Acquisition of Phenix Co., Ltd Becoming the Owner of KAPPA Brand in Japan
01 Apr 2008 China Dongxiang Announces 2007 Annual Results, Net Profit Surged by 1.4 Times to RMB730 Million
11 Mar 2008 Chen Yihong from China Dongxiang Awarded the Distinguished CEO of the Year 2007
10 Mar 2008 China Dongxiang Becomes Constituent Stock of Heng Seng Composite Index and Heng Seng Freefloat Index, Aiming to be the Leading Multi-brand Sportswear Management Enterprise in China

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