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Company Overview

China Dongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. ("China Dongxiang" or "the Company"; stock code: 3818, together with its subsidiaries the "Group") is a leading international sportswear brand enterprise based in China. The Group is primarily engaged in the design, development, marketing and wholesaling of branded sportswear in China. Since 30 May 2006, China Dongxiang has owned all rights to the internationally recognised KAPPA Brand in the PRC mainland and Macau.

Since April 2008, the Group has become the owner of the PHENIX brand, a world-renowned name for skiing apparel.


Major Brands

China market - KAPPA

Brand History

First established in 1916, the Kappa brand started to garner market recognition in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s and before long became one of the most renowned names for casual sportswear in Europe. Since then, the world has been enchanted by the lifestyle represented by Kappa products, so vividly identified by Omini, its unique logo featuring a back-to-back couple.

Through China Dongxiang ("the Group"), Kappa landed in China in 2002 to embark on an amazing journey of phenomenal growth in this populous nation. In May 2006, the Group acquired the brand ownership of Kappa in Mainland China and Macau to secure complete autonomy in all aspects of the brand's operations in these markets, such as product development, marketing, sales organizations and channel strategy, allowing it to devise comprehensive, market-oriented development plans. In April 2008,the Group secured the entire interests of Kappa in Mainland China, Macau and Japan following its acquisition of PHENIX, then owner of the Kappa brand and PHENIX brand in Japan.

Brand Positioning

After more than a decade of soul-searching and development efforts, KAPPA has further cemented its strong foundation in China. Today, KAPPA continues to carry that unmistakable sporting DNA but, on top of that, it has positioned itself as a brand for the fashionable sportive lifestyle with the concept of "passionate, out of the ordinary and say no to mediocrity" It targets young consumers who are enthusiastic about pop culture, discerning about the quality of life, eager to explore new ideas and happy to show off their personalities.

Brand Products

It requires rigorous practices in product quality and design to give substance to the concept of "rebellious, passionate and outgoing." Kappa products are developed on the basis of various aspects in pop culture. On top of the basic sporting gene, a diverse range of trendy elements are incorporated in the designs. In addition, more emphasis has been put on consumers' experience and the creation of overall styles through product matching, in order to develop unique, in-fashion products that meet the aesthetic standards and demands of the trendy.

Brand Marketing

Kappa is unique also in its marketing approach which seeks to promote the pop culture and shape the trendy lifestyle. More emphasis has been put in promoting the brand in the dimension of pop culture through in-depth crossovers with the entertainment, music and art professions, so that pop culture is seamlessly blended into the products and their marketing.

Sales Network

Kappa retail stores, including self-owned and distributors' stores, cover all major regions and cities in China.

With the ongoing promotion of the brand new image of our retail stores, consumers are set to experience the rebellious, outgoing and character of Kappa in all aspects from products to shop display. In future, while persisting in innovation, the Group will also optimize the distribution of its channels within its stable and existing sales network, in order to continuously enhance the business performance of retail stores and drive the Kappa brand to new heights.

In view of the growing maturity of the e-commerce market, the Group continued to develop and optimize its e-commerce channel. Through the development of special online products, the sales mix of online products has been optimized, while our product and brand reputation has also been gradually enhanced as a result. Promotion and festive events were also organized in association with e-commerce partners to further explore the market and appeal to more consumers.

China Market - PHENIX

Brand History
PHENIX was a brand for functional skiing apparel founded in Japan in 1952. In the China market, it offers three product lines: the professional SKI series, the functional urban ALK series and the global premium GOLD series, all of which are characterised by perfection in details created on the back of rigorous production processes. As the sponsor for the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Norwegian Alpine Skiing Team, PHENIX products have featured in prestigious competitions as outfit for top-tier skiiers.

Brand Positioning
On the back of advanced research in ergonomics, engineering and biology over the years, PHENIX has blended the skiing spirit with the philosophy of self-transcendence and attained seamless integration of function and fashion with consistent honing in its quest for excellence in quality and technology. Products with outstanding quality and style are provided to ski lovers who value sportsmanship with a passionate outlook for life, in a brand new interpretation of fashionable trends and features.

Japan market - PHENIX

Brand positioning

In 1953, "PHENIX" was established by Mr. Tajima Kazuo, an outdoor sporting enthusiast, and quickly earned high praise and widespread fame in skiing, alpinism, gliding and kayaking. Mr. Tajima devoted his whole life to his favorite outdoor sports at which he not only excelled but also gave his best efforts to help those who loved them, too. PHENIX DNA brings together all his ideas and passes them on from generation to generation.

Like its founder, the PHENIX company itself has been deeply devoted to all extreme outdoor sports, including skiing, and hopes to provide the finest support for outdoor sports enthusiasts through its fine line of products. The Company's technical R&D Centre with over 25 years' history has professional development techniques for creating advanced sportswear based on years of research into sports dynamics and physiology. Over the years year, this knowledge has been applied to a wide range of functional materials to meet the demands of leading athletes across the world.

PHENIX revels in the joys of sporting competition. How to extend techniques and function to aid sports is the DNA of PHENIX which has been passed down until now as taught through Mr. Tajima's words and deeds. Combining function that provides the body with comfort and protection as well as a fashion sense that makes people feel stylish and happy results in the "creative idea" of feasting on sports. This is how PHENIX has opened up a brand new world!

Product Introduction

PHENIX owns a number of popular brands such as PHENIX, X-NIX, INHABITANT and KAPPA which have been widely hailed by consumers.

Distribution Network
Currently, sales outlets are located at popular skiing areas in Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, Canada and United States.

Marketing and Promotion
Sponsoring professional skiers and teams is the major marketing and promotion strategy of PHENIX which was appointed the official supplier of the Japan National Ski Team at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Moreover, the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team and many excellent Japanese skiers, including Akira Sasaki, Seika Matsuzawa, Daisuke Sasaki and Yasuko Kono all sponsored by the PHENIX brand while top skiers like Daisuke Murakami, Katsufumi Matsui, Daniel Frank, Zi Fujinuma, Keiko Inamura, Qiki Tosaki, Kohei Kawaguchi and Takayuki Fujiwara and others have long been sponsored by X-NIX.

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