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  • In May 2015, the launch ceremony of the Kappa x CLOT joint campaign was held at Shanghai
  • Launches Kappa x Feige Arena darts and foosball tournament season
  • Kappa products featured prominently in the hit movie Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案)
  • In the November 11th sales initiative in 2015, e-commerce sales doubled as compared to the same period of 2014
  • Full-scale online and offline marketing based on the Brand's theme of trendy and sportive life
  • Launches a series of marketing activities, including Kappa Together Once Again "Promotional Campaign in Association with Zhang Jingchu (張靜初)" and "Kappa Bubble Soccer"
  • Sponsorship for the Norwegian National Team and Norwegian Alpine Ski Team during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics Games.
  • Major breakthrough in "November 11th" e-commerce sales of 2014, registering a 79% year-on-year growth over the same period of 2013
  • Establishment of 6 owned subsidiaries
  • Introduction of the "franchise chain" system
  • Launches the Kappa KOMBAT Series
  • Establishment of the first owned subsidiary of the Group
  • Announces the marketing theme "Play With Style"
  • Jiangsu Taicang Technology Centre adopts process system developed by the technology centre in Niigata, Japan
  • Robe Di Kappa acts as sponsor of the movie So Young (《致青春》) in a move for exposure for the film and entertainment sector
  • Phenix is sole sponsor of Norwegian National Team supplying its apparel and gear for the London Olympics
  • Kappa reports another record-high day sales for festival seasons
  • Launches Kappa C19, the Fixed Gear street sports series
  • Sponsorships for several international sports delegations and international tournaments
  • Official launch of Robe Di Kappa brand in China
  • Airing of the first Kappa TV commercial on CCTV-5 and multiple TV channels
  • Launch of Kappa P.A.C., a fashionable young line created by Michael Michalsky, renowned German fashion designer
  • Official launch of the campaign known as "DreamBoat Soccer Team Up for 2010 World Cup Africa with Kappa"
  • Kappa places advertising columns in "BAZAAR' and "BAZAAR Men" to promote mix and match fashionable sportswear
  • Official launch of Kappa on the public home page of
  • Acquires stakes in the reorganized joint venture with distributors
  • Signs agreement with German designer Michael Michalsky to launch a brand new series of Kappa wear
  • The first official Kappa online flagship store opens at Taobao and records day sales of RMB4.03 million on November 11th, a record-high amount of online daily sales of sporting goods in China
  • Announcement of the new marketing theme "We are One"
  • China Dongxiang (Stock code: 3818) became a constituent stock of the MSCI China Index
  • The Group finished the acquisition of Phenix Co., Ltd.
  • The Group formed Joint-ventures with 6 distributors
  • China Dongxiang (Group) Co., ltd. Incorporated and listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on October 10
  • Launches the SAP system to strengthen information management
  • Cooperation with University of the Arts London to enhance the Company's research and development
  • Joint marketing campaign with world-class brands, such as Pepsi and Citroen
  • The Group purchased all rights of KAPPA brand and becomes the branded owner in the PRC and Macau
  • Morgan Stanley invested in China Dongxinag
  • KAPPA brand became 3rd largest international sportswear brand in China market
  • The Group further acquired the rest 80% equity interest in Beijing Dongxiang held by Li Ning
  • Current management re-positioned KAPPA brand as fashion sportswear
  • The Group signed RUKKA licensing agreement for China
  • The Group acquired 20% equity interest in Beijing Dongxiang through its subsidiary Shanghai Leide
  • Beijing Dongxiang Sports Development Co., Ltd. was established and Mr. Chen and Mr. Qin became chairman and general manager respectively
  • KAPPA brand first landed to China market

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