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Chairman's Statement

"Miracle" is a word commonly used to describe success achieved through revolutionary changes that beak the norm.

From technological innovation to systemic evolution, miracles are seen in almost every corner of the world. Nevertheless, what exactly is in our mind when people around us start talking about the "Dongxiang miracle"? Is it complacency which follows our success? Or is it fulfillment and satisfaction in which we take pride?

Undoubtedly, we broke the rules in the sportswear industry. This is evidenced by our strong growth at an unprecedented pace. We came in just at the right time when China's economy skyrocketed. China Dongxiang emerged rapidly into a public company and further into an enterprise that ventured toward broader markets through a host of international acquisitions. Each and every step of the way, however, was fraught with risks and uncertainties, and yet we approached them with rock solid confidence, pragmatism and innovation.

While we have every reason to share joy and happiness in our achievements, we will not rest on our laurels.

Because miracles belong to the past, and the challenges we face today are our future. We are committed to developing a corporation with an international vision - a management team with a global mindset; a full integration of cross-cultural resources, and a full commitment to run a rapidly growing company under any economic conditions.

A company is like a person. The more influential it gets the more responsibilities it has to bear.

In the process of value creation we are guided by a gracious heart to society, to shareholders, to consumers and to our business partners.

God tests us at all times. Rapid growth can deprive us of the opportunity to reflect on our actions during hard times. And to stay at the industry forefront we have to maintain our position as a trend-setter.

I invite you all, dear friends... let's stand side by side. In today's ever changing world, not only must we challenge old norms, but we must also codify our own new rules.

And, this is just the beginning....

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